Salty EP

by Of the Pack

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released July 3, 2016

All music written and performed by Of the Pack. All lyrics written by Richard Dutka.

Richard Dutka - Vocals, guitars
Eric Dutka - Drums, percussion, vocals
Nick Friars - Bass, vocals

Art and Design by Jordan Yen

Recorded at XXII-22 Productions Studio (Windsor)
Erik Gurney - Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Mastered by Charles Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering (Toronto)

Thank you all our family, friends, and fans for being so supportive and patient with the release of this EP. Enjoy it and thanks for listening!



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Of the Pack Windsor, Ontario

Of the Pack is an indie rock trio from Windsor, Ontario.

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Track Name: Satan
I saw the fire in your eyes
So I ran right for the hill, though I knew that you would find
Me lying in the bushes foaming at the mouth
From a little pill and in my final time

I saw the devil in your eyes
And you took me in your arms, said you'd never let me go
But it was cold and it was late, the poison running through my veins
You dug a hole and finally sent me home
Track Name: Tell Me
You should probably take your story to somebody who cares
It's clear that I'm not listening and you've got that awful stare
So look me in the eyes and tell me what it is you want
That I probably haven't got

Well I'm telling you once and I'm telling you again
I ain't really keen on being a friend
So how many times must I say it to be clear?
I wanna be so far from here

So tell me what I gotta do
Tell me what I gotta do right now
You know I never wanted to be your friend anyhow

Last time I checked your life was still a wreck
There was still nothing for me to do
I won't say goodbye and maybe this way you won't die
You'll manage to see it all through

Is your life really that bad or is it you that makes it sad?
'Cause no one wants to hear your complain
In the end you're probably right but don't sleep at night
'Cause you're driving yourself insane

I couldn't stop it if I wanted to
I can’t stop the veins from pulsing life right out of you
I'd hand right over my best tourniquet
Would be my world's finest regret

Well you can't teach an old dog new tricks
But you can watch it get older
And no you can't take a drunk dog
And force it to get sober
Track Name: Sad Sunday
Remember being wanted
Somewhere outside the bar
Pointless destination
Driving away in your car

It's been so long
Since I remember that
So I lay in my bed
Feeling sober and drab

'Cause it's another Sad Sunday
You know they're never gonna change

And maybe you can dream
Of all the shit that you had
You wake up in the morning
Pretend it don't seem so bad

But all I want
Is to get it out of my head
But really you just fuck all of that
I'm going back to my bed

'Cause it's another Sad Sunday
You know they're never gonna change

My life doesn't change
Some parts rearrange
They end up just always the same
Complain without worry
I put forth no effort
So really who else is to blame?
Track Name: King of the Obituary
Can't get the columns out of my head
Skip congrats to the newlyweds
I'm not sure of what I just read
All I know for sure is that another one is dead

Can't stop staring at the black and white
Pigment is gone just like their life
It's cutting me so deep like a double edge knife
But I gotta read it

So tonight,
I'm the king of the obituary
So please die

Something their heartbeat just went wrong
I wonder what they'll choose for a funeral song
I'll put it on repeat and keep listening on
Oh I've gotta hear it

So tonight
I'm the king of the obituary
So please die

Whisper to the casket "Can't you tell
You're off to a better place to feel well?"
Yeah, people got hysterical when they rang the death bell
But I'll see you soon enough, right down there in hell
Track Name: Secondhand Letdown
Take the tears of a baby boy
and shove them back in his eyes
That story's been over told

Split a heart and split a mind
Irrationality over time
Hope you want to die alone

You had to stop believing
Knew you were defeated
Tired of always getting
Secondhand letdown

Could you represent yourself
Any lower if you tried
I'd like to think you're at the bottom

But time and time and time and time
Time and time again
You dig deeper than I could fathom

Pray that through your wire and mouth
Please oh please
Just shut it up

Leave your wallowing
In your forgotten pit
We've finally had enough
Track Name: What the Hell
You're just another passerbyer, fed by a loving liar 
In the end isn't that who you chose to take to bed? 
Once the guilt piles up and you think you've had enough 
A casket seems like a nice place to rest your head 
It's hard to see what's real when your skin begins to peel 
But once you shed it off just leave it all behind 

What the hell 
is wrong with me? 

It's getting hard to choose whether to win or to lose 
Either way you're leaving someone broken and cold to die 
You slither like a snake and maybe once is a mistake 
But it's all easier without a conscience to wonder why 
Look at who you've been and think of what you've seen 
Maybe it's time to let the rest pass on by 

What the hell 
is wrong with me? 

Well your life was like a book but you forgot how to read 
All the pages went blank, there was nothing there to see 
Yeah your life was like a book you couldn't stand how to read 
Took all the blank pages, ripped them out at the seams 
Life was like a book you couldn't handle to read 
and the pages went red when your eyes start to bleed 
Life was like a book based on honesty 
That's why all of the pages are blank 

What the hell 
is wrong with me?
Track Name: Feel the Same
It's getting harder and harder
To read through inebriated lines
The more spacious you feel
Well the tighter your life always binds

That's why I'm living here in intoxicated dreams
When the light hits my life you know it's hard to redeem

And I feel the same as I always did

You're digging deeper and deeper
You're travelling farther below
But the deeper you dig
Well it feels like the less that you know

That's why I'm dying here in intoxicated dreams
When the light hits my life you know it's worse than it seems

And I feel the same as I always did

It's twisting it's turning
And it's all predetermined
The way you thought it'd go
But you can't recall

It’s twisting and turning
The lies and the vermin the words
You thought you'd said
But you can't recall

And I feel the same as I always did